Image of Jeremy Scott

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 195 lbs

Competition Weight: 185 lbs

Birthplace: Winona, MN

Occupation: Fitness Professional & CEO of Jeremy Scott Fitness

Residence: Phoenix, AZ

Years Bodybuilding: Strength/Athletic Training 10 years - Bodybuilding 6 years

Jeremy Scott

Being an athlete has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in the city of Winona, MN playing football, baseball, basketball since I was a kid. I went on to earn a college scholarship for basketball at Waldorf College playing and graduating with honors. I was always super skinny and played in college at around 160lbs standing 6'2 that was very, very light. I was a typical college athlete working hard and playing harder but did not focus on eating as healthy as I should. It wasn't until the end of my college playing career when I started to have some real health issues that it made me take a real hard look at my lifestyle and nutritional plan. For the last 6 years I have studied, learned, and altered my diet numerous times to create the healthiest internal body possible and the best gift it gave me back was an in shape external body. It really shows proper nutrition does wonders for your body both inside and out!

Upon graduation, I accepted a position at Dakota Wesleyan University as an Assistant Men's Basketball Coach running the strength and conditioning program, and helped the Tigers to the NAIA National Basketball Tournament. Shortly after I moved to sunny Phoenix, AZ -where I started my own gym, Jeremy Scott Fitness and have been living the dream training ever since. I am one of the lucky people in life who have not only found their true passion and calling, but get to do it for a living each and every day!


  • IYCA -H.S.S.C

Competition History:

  • 2010-Men's Fitness Wilhelmina Hotbody Model Search, New York City, NY-Top 5 Finish
  • 2011-AZ Muscelmania Natural Championships, Scottsdale, AZ-Top 5 Finish
  • 2012-NPC Simmons Peckham Powerhouse Classic Detroit, MI–Men’s Physique

Favorite Prolab Products:

  • BCAA Plus - this is a staple in my weekly training they help me jump start my recovery and reduce catabolism, with the intensity I train with they are vital for my progress.
  • Beta Alanine Extreme® - it gives me that extra push during tough training sessions to get in as many reps as possible.